Length: 36”

Width: 25”

Available Thickness: 5 mm.

Colour: Crepe, Light Brown, Deep Brown, Dark Brown, Chocolate, White, Ash, Clay, Light Clay, Deep Clay, Beige, Biscuit, Orange, Black.

Hardness: 65° ±10% (Shore A Durometer)

Usage Area:   Designed especially for shoe soles but also ideal for flooring places likes gyms, basements, warehouses, trailers, playgrounds, and many more everyday areas.

Specialty: We can develop product according to Consumer Need, High Quality Product, Color Varity, Genuine rubber Products, wide range of Texture/Design, Availability of Products.

Type: Synthetic Rubber / Crepe Rubber / Natural Rubber.

Note: Products hardness, thickness & colour can be changed on customer demand.

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